Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Pureworks/ Body Cleanser

Whole Body Cleanser
The unique ph-balanced formula with colloidal minerals will help nurture and maintain your skin's natural glow and softness.
Botanical Extract Shampoo and Conditioner
Youngevity's new "Triple Molecular Adhesion" process now makes treating the hair from the inside-out possible! The sub-organic micron particle ingredients in our extraordinary new formula combined with our proprietary processing method, not only rejuvenates the hair follicle but also the hair shaft.
PureWorks lotion and Antibacterial Foam
PureWorks is not just a great product. It’s a revolutionary idea that changes the way people think about healthily living. It’s not just about staying clean and killing germs. It’s about pure, persistent protection for everyone, everywhere.

Every day each of us comes in contact with millions of harmful germs and bacteria that can make us sick. PureWorks is the tool everyone needs to defend themselves against these attacks.

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