Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family Introduction

I just realized that I haven't introduced our family very well. We have 4 children that all help out a lot in our Vitamin and Mineral Organization.

Q is our oldest. He is very driven, and works hard to reach his goals. He just started college this year and his major is Professional Pilot. I keep telling Trent (my husband) that it must be him that is old enough to have a son graduated from high school, 'cause I am defiantly not that old! Q's favorite product and one that he uses every day to keep his stress levels in control are Daily Multivitamins, EFA, and Gluco Gel.

Our second son is To, he is our peacemaker. He has lots of friends that are very important to him. He started the summer trying out for football, but decided that he would go back to his love, marching band. He has many great friends there and loves music. He just started at Herriman High School today. As a Junior he will be the 2nd class to graduate from HHS. To's favorite product is EFA, he is very skin sensitive and when he takes them with minerals on a regular basis he doesn't get skin allergies.

Tc is our third son. Tc lives and breathes sports. He doesn't just play, he lives it! He played on a traveling baseball team this summer, Herriman Havoc, and is playing football this fall for Herriman. He is a freshman this year and is excited to be a part of the HHS new traditions. Tc's favorite product is the Cocogevity mixed with milk, and for dinner Osteo Fx mixed with Cherri Mins and milk. He likes his milk flavored either with chocolate or a cherry, pinocolada mix. He also loves the CM Cream for minor aches and pains. All his team mates use it as well.

S is our baby girl. She started Middle School this year and is really excited about it. I kept asking her if she was nervous and she said no, just excited to see friends again. S keeps us all on our toes, and keeps us working together and having fun as a family. S doesn't like to swallow pills so she is very excited anytime she can take anything in a liquid. She loves the new beyond Tangy flavor.

I am very pleased with our children and their willingness to work together with us in our Nutritional Business. They are great at sharing what they know.

The kids are all in school and summer is coming to an end. I went to my first football game last weekend and loved it. I love baseball, but as the season ends it is great to start cheering from football stands.

We hope you stay in touch with our blog to keep updated on our Nutrition information as getting to know our family and contributing testimonials to share.


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