Wednesday, September 15, 2010


In talking to a friend that has taken some of the nutritional supplements she had a great testimonial I asked her to share.

"I was having some pretty serious hot flashes due to my female body and age. It was getting so bad that I was unable to get a full night sleep and it was distracting at work. Lisa told me about some of her products that help. I started taking them and within days my flashes reduced and within about a week they were totally gone. I took the products for about 2 months and had great results. As life usually does, I got busy and didn't take any products for a couple of months. Sure as rain, the hot flashes came back, and even worse this time. I started taking the products again and they went away again. I will not stop taking the products. Not only have I noticed my hot flashes gone, but I have increased energy, and an overall well being. I am sold and will be a life time user.!" -m.g. Herriman, Utah

My friend takes, Minerals, Beyond Tangy and Women's FX.

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