Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last days befor school starts

We have had a great summer this year! As a family we have worked together, played together and now sadly getting ready for school together. I love the kids home.

It is wonderful yet sad watching your kids growing up before your eyes.

I remember when the kids were all young and I was going crazy an older lady stopped me in the grocery store and told me to enjoy this time of my life as its the best time!! I remember thinking, if it doesn't get better then this, we are all in trouble or you have forgotten how hard this is.

When I got home and got the kids in bed and had a few minutes of quiet, I thought about what she had said, and I truly tried to enjoy every day and stage of life as a family. Some where harder then others, but it really has been great the whole way through!!

Have a great last couple of days before school starts!!

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