Thursday, July 15, 2010

So, today is Tance's 14th birthday. He is really excited to have a special day with no chores, getting what he wants, and planning his party. We are having his party in a couple of weeks due to scout camps and a family wedding/vacation.

We went to IHop for breakfast this morning. I tried to get him to go to Kneaders cause they have the best french toast ever but... We both had stuffed french toast. To offset the sugar and carbs we had strawberries and blueberries on top. What a yummy treat!
He gets to go to his first fall ball baseball practice tonight! He is excited!! And due to the short break, so am I. Usually by the end of the season I am sick of games but I am ready to get started again!!

Isn't it great watching your kids grow up, making good choices, and enjoying life. I dont want to rush a minute of it, but am excited to see what possibilites they choose for their futures!

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