Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Youngevity "90 Essentials For Life" Beyond Tangy Tangerine Super Pack!

We are now introducing the "90 Essentials For Life" Beyond Tangy Tangerine Super Pack!

The Super Pack includes One 420g (Approximately 30 servings) Canister of Youngevity's Majestic Earth Beyond Tangy Tangerine, One 32oz. Bottle of Youngevity's Osteo FX Plus, and One 90 Soft Gel Capsule Bottle of Youngevity's Ultimate EFA Plus!

Taking these daily will get you over 90 Essential Vitamin and Minerals you need to get your body to start the healing process and get on track for a more healthy life style.

For Best Results you should take on a daily basis - 2 scoops of Beyond Tangy Tangerine , 1 oz of Osteo FX Plus, and 3 soft gel capsules of EFA Plus.  (This is based on 100lbs of body weight.  if you weigh more adjust for your size) 

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