Monday, August 8, 2011

Truly Blessed!

I was on the phone this morning visiting with a friend.  We were talking about how wonderful choices are in our life.  I feel a bit spoiled as I have been blessed to work hard, have a great husband and family, a strong belief in a loving Heavenly Father, and have choices in what I want to do with my life. I realize that some people don't feel like they have choices available.  They are strapped financially which takes choices away because of money, time and stress.  Others because of relationship stress, maybe they are in a relationship that they don't feel they can try new things. Health... There are so many people that don't feel like they have freedom in one area or another.  Please know that you have choices and freedom open to you!  If only in learning and growing personally! 

When our children were small we worked hard in our Network Marketing Business (Orange Nickel, Inc).  It took a lot of time away from our family but we were able to share, grow and learn.    Now as my children are older, and amazing enough, need more time and attention, I am able to give it to them.  I am working from home and have options and choices of time, money, energy and what I do with my days.

My oldest just got called to serve a two year mission in Argentina.  I am thrilled for him and the experience he will have. I am going to miss him but know he will be looked after and taken care of.  He is really excited and cant wait to get started.  He goes into a Missionary Training Center November 9 for nine weeks and then fly's to Argentina to share, grow and live for 2 years.

I'll keep you updated on this as well as Orange Nickel thoughts and news.

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