Monday, April 18, 2011

Youngevity Health and Freedom

I read the greatest quote yesterday! " I have lived with money, and I have lived without, I would rather live with it!, I have also lived with Health, and I have lived without, I would rather live with it!"

Isn't that great! I thought about that all night, the more I think about it, the more I love it. Money and Health are not everything, but they sure are the starting points of enjoying life.

I also have lived without health and money, I have lived with health and money and I coose to have it! When you are so stressed about paying your light bill, or food in the pantry, or not being able to sign your son up in little league baseball, it actually hurts inside. You cant focus on anything else (you try but it is always there in the back of your head, heavy, pulling you down closer to the earth). I have also not had my health. Many of you know my story, so I wont go into it now, maybe a later blog, but being able to function all day is fantastic! Not being a slave to my bodies weakness is Freedom!

I have a brother-in-law once tell me he would rather have his health then money. I have always been puzzled why he would say that. Why cant you have both? I mean if an unkind God made you choose of course I would choose my health as well, but He doesn't do that! He allows us to choose and then put the effort behind it to make it happen.

I am thankful for my involvement in Youngevity, first to increase my health, and then to increase my wealth. I am so grateful for the friendships I have developed during my 9 years, and the increase in my personal growth.

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