Saturday, March 5, 2011

Youngevity Majestic Earth CHERI-MINS 4-PACK now on Ebay!

CHERI-MINS™ We are never satisfied with just offering you healthy products, we also want to offer you great-tasting products! Each quart of Majestic Earth® Cheri-Mins™ contains the same fantastic full-strength benefits as the original with a great-tasting cherry flavor. Plus, it has only 33 calories per ounce. If you have kids who demand great tasting supplements, they will certainly enjoy taking Majestic Earth® Cheri-Mins™. • Highly absorbable liquid • Great taste • Highest quality

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1 comment:

Lisa Allsup said...

Thanks for the listing. I love cherimins! My kids love them in juice. My husband likes cherimins, osteofx and milk. It tastes like a cheri,pinacolada shake. I love it because my family is staying healthy! L.A.